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The Service We Provide

Golf Performance Aberdeen has been developed to deliver an all round coaching experience. This coaching service dives deeper into what really creates a high performance golfer. Each package will start with a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screening. The purpose of the screening is to find out where any physical limitation may lie and see how this may reflect in your swing technique.

The next step is to run you through a golf assessment. This is where we will discuss your current game and identify your goals. From there, we will go about testing all aspects of your game so that we can put together a plan that is specific to your needs.

Throughout the program you will be enrolled into a CoachNow space. This is an app where you access your TPI screen, Assessment notes, Training exercises, Lesson notes and receive 24/7 support. This truly is the closest thing to what the professionals receive on the LPGA and PGA Tour.

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